Evan Anderson – Biography

Love and Light!  I am honored that you are here.  I became a seeker of truth more than a decade ago.  At that time I had much transition in my life and I knew that there was much more to life than I was experiencing.  After much exploration internally, I was able to begin to shift consciousness.  Shortly thereafter, I met my wife Rebecca and that is when I began to remember that I was innately a healer!  Healing work came very natural to me. However, the ego is strong and it took effort to shed the density consciousness and step in to my Truth.  Yet it was so worth all the effort!  It is truly amazing to be on this journey and I would love to share all that I have learned with you. I love working closely with individuals, teams and groups, to help the process of transformation, upliftment and alignment — keys to expanding self-awareness, uncovering authentic purpose and performance.

Professional Development:

  • Certified Crystal Healer (March 2016) – Completed Hibiscus Moon’s 8 week course on using crystals in healing sessions and crystal chakra balancings.
  • Avesa Medical Intuitive (Certified: September, 2012) – as a trained and certified Medical Intuitive, Evan gained the ability to see imbalances and pre-clinical states of dis-ease.  By applying a deep understanding of the energetic underpinnings of dis-ease, Evan assists clients to come to terms with their life challenges and to create greater connection to their true Joy and authentic co-creative power now.
  • Self-Ascension Intuitive Reader/Spiritual Healer (Certified: September, 2011) – By opening Quantum energy channels that illuminate greater healing presence, as a certified Quantum Clairvoyant, Evan offers intuitive reading skills and Quantum healing adeptness to assist clients on their journey of self-discovery.  
  • Certified Self Ascension Coach (“CSAC”) (Certified: May, 2011) – Evan gained the ability to guide and support clients to more fully align with their highest expression as they undertake the journey of self-discovery. 
  • Master Avesa Quantum Healer / Teacher (Certified: April, 2012) – Honoring the Spiritual Lineage brought forward by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Ra, Avesa Quantum Healing is a high vibration healing modality.  Avesa [in Sanskrit] means “The Evolution of the Uplifting of Consciousness” or “Divine Empowerment”.  Evan gained the ability to activate, read and balance the human energy field.  By working within the Quantum field, this energetic balance significantly enhances healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and promotes profound self-discovery.   
  • Reiki II (Certified: October, 2015) – Honoring the Spiritual Lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and Furumoto, Evan studied with and was initiated as a Reiki Level II by Timothy Stuetz, Reiki Master, The Reiki Alliance.  Rebecca gained connection to an ancient healing energy and technique, as well as an in depth understanding of human energetics and wellness.  Through Reiki, clients receive energy which activates the natural healing process restoring physical and emotional balance and wellbeing.