Moss Agate’s deep, clear energy assists us in connecting with Earth’s energy.  This is a stone of new beginnings and is a wonderful stone for use in abundance work.  It is a great stone to soothe emotional wounds that reside in the heart.  

Moss Agate is a great stone for those that wish to commune with elemental energy and Nature Spirits.  It also is a great stone for transmuting negative energy in our auric field.



Amethyst has a powerful uplifting energy that aids in meditation, psychic abilities and heightened intuition.  It is a wonderful stone for stimulating the 6th and 7th chakras.  It also lends itself to accessing and activating the etheric chakras.  

This powerful energy also assists in the transmutation of negative and misguided energies.  For this reason Amethyst is a useful tool for working with addictions, as it purifies and protects.

A strong ally in healing work, Amethyst also is a good choice for deepening spiritual connections and pathways in the higher realms.

Amethyst is a violet or purple hued form of Quartz.



As the name suggests, Angelite aids in connection with the angelic realm.  This stone stimulates and activates the 6th and 7th chakras and thus is a favorite for meditation work and connecting with spirit guides and angels.



Blue Apatite is an excellent stone for opening the 6th chakra.  It opens the mind to inner vision and can be used in past life recall and even alternate life recall.  It’s frequency assists us in accessing the energy of the Akashic records.

Blue Apatite is also very useful in helping us understand how karmic cords are affecting us.  Also, the imbalances caused by this karma.  It boosts intuitive knowing and assists in finding our inner Truth and Authentic Self.

Angelite also can have an effect on the 5th chakra.  Excellent for those who want or need to temper their speech or need assistance in bringing resolution to a conflict.  Physically, Angelite is an excellent stone for issues relating to the throat and it also promotes a healthy skeletal structure.



Aquamarine may be the best stone for working with issues surrounding the 5th chakra (Throat Center).  It aids in spiritual communication, self-expression and overcoming self-judgement (which leads to the judgement of others).  It can assist in achieving greater mental clarity and organization of thoughts.

Aquamarine is also a strong cleanser of the emotional body, and assists in restoring balance.  This is a great stone for working through old issues that reside in your emotional field.  Although very strong, the energy is soft and soothing, which helps with the processing of these sometimes painful memories.

Above all, Aquamarine can help you find and speak your authentic Truth.



Green Aventurine is a powerful stone for heart healing that combines the Earth and Water elements.  It promotes vitality, growth and confidence.  It is known as the good luck stone and is used most often to promote abundance of wealth.  

Its beautiful green brings optimism into daily life and promotes emotional and physical healing.



Azurite is a wonderful ally for heightened perception of the illusion in which we live.  It activates and cleanses the 6th and 7th chakras.  This allows for stronger intuitive and psychic discernment.  This stone also calms the mind and relaxes the ego to allow our Truth to come forward.  This promotes honesty and heartfelt responses when working with others.

Azurite is a wonderful stone in meditations as it helps us connect while providing a calm and gentle presence.  



Bloodstone is a beautiful green chalcedony with little droplets of red jasper.  This stone is becoming more rare and hard to find from good sources.  Bloodstone is an excellent 1st chakra stone as it promotes strength, courage, vitality and purification, all of which promote being of service.

Bloodstone is an excellent ally to call upon when you are in a rough spot.  It provides both the strength and courage to stand up to adversity.  It will also help those who are troubled with discouragement or resistance.  As it is a 1st chakra stone, it also helps you to fulfill commitments.



Carnelian is a wonderful crystal ally to call upon when stuck in procrastination.  It is also an excellent stone to work with when there is a big event or life change taking place.  It promotes confidence and action through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras making it an all around awesome stone!

Carnelian assists those who are ready to step in to their true authentic power and stand in their Truth.  It calms anger and keeps us focused on the Now and not the past.  By activating and supporting the lower 3 chakras, Carnelian can bring new zest for living and act as a call to action.



Celestite is a wonderful ally for meditation and healing work, such as Reiki.  It stimulates our spiritual sense, enabling us to tap into Divine Guidance and the angelic realms.  This stone stimulates and activates the 6th chakra and also aids in opening the portal to the etheric chakras.

Celestite promotes peace and harmony and can actually be used to balance out issues concerning the 5th chakra.  This stone also teaches Divine Trust and patience.



Chrysocolla is a wonderful crystal ally because of its wide range of uses.  It is primarily used to regulate the flow of energy and aid in clear communication.  It has a very soothing peaceful energy around it and is great to promote a calm environment during times of stress.

For the 5th chakra it aids in wise communication by accessing Divine Guidance.  For the heart chakra, or 4th chakra, it bring forth balance and strength and allows us to learn to live wholeheartedly.



Citrine is a yellow hued form of Quartz.  Please note there are two types of Citrine on the market.  The first, which is known as common citrine, is heat treated Amethyst to make it bright orange/yellow.  For color therapy this intense color may be useful and this common Citrine is very popular. It does have an intensity to it due to the bright color.

The second type of citrine is natural Citrine.  This Citrine can be very very pale yellow to a deep beautiful yellow.  There are actually specimens of smokey citrine that is quite lovely.  This type of citrine is much more rare and it provides a much cleaner and clearer vibration.  It is preferred by most healers.

Citrine is a great stone for manifestation work.  It stimulates and activates the lower 3 chakras and empowers our creative energy.  Citrine helps us maintain focus during stressful times and helps us identify blocks in our energy field that keep us in the ‘lack’ mentality.  Citrine is referred to as the happy stone and is great for use in abundance and prosperity grids.



Emerald is a wonderful heart chakra stone bringing in Divine Love and harmony.  Although Emerald is very effective in wealth and abundance work, it is even stronger in the overall sense of the word abundance.  Emerald aids us in perceiving the true gifts that life has to offer and enables us to appreciate all of life’s lessons.  

Emerald is a wonderful stone to soothe and repair the emotional field.  It provides the energy of hope during tough times and infuses the aura with a green ray of healing Light.  

Emerald is an extremely powerful multi-faceted healing stone and is a wonderful back and spine healer and strengthener.  It tends to move the energies up the body, from the Root to the Crown Chakra.



Green Fluorite is a powerful ally that harmonizes the heart with the mind.  This allows us to feel in to the emotional body and make breakthroughs in our stuck emotions.   It aids us in identifying erratic and unorganized energies and channel them into cohesive and harmonic thoughts and emotions.

Green Fluorite clears mental fog and confusion and helps us sort out conflicting ideas.  It is a powerful ally for bringing both the left and right brain together in harmony.  This stone is very good for focus, concentration and memorization.

Purple Fluorite, like other colors of Fluorite, clears mental fog and confusion and helps us sort out conflicting ideas.  It is a powerful ally for bringing both the left and right brain together in harmony.  This stone is very good for focus, concentration and memorization.  Purple Fluorite, in particular, enhances mental faculties and can enhance psychic and intuitive abilities.

Fluorite is also useful in bringing scattered energies back in to harmony.



Garnet has been used for centuries as a Talisman, a holy stone and a stone for emperors and kings.  Garnet is a 1st chakra stone that cultivates a sense of physical security and abundance.  In so doing, it also helps alleviate worry, panic and fear through a sense of calm and grounding.

This powerful stone can be used to energize or reenergize physical love and relationships.  I can purge negative energies surrounding the 1st chakra.

Garnet is also a stone of commitment and propels positive action, connecting us to our higher purpose.

Garnet is a wonderful stone for women as it has a motherly and protective quality with it.  It gently encourages one to move forward on a Spiritual path and achieve access into higher realms.



Hematite is one of the premier stones for grounding and anchoring in balance.  It is also a wonderful stone of integration; allowing us to see the various life experiences through a higher perspective.

Hematite helps us see that opposing energies are like a yin-yang and gives us discernment during dark times.  It also helps us see the silver lining on every dark cloud.

Hematite frequently occurs as an inclusion in Quartz crystals and can have a variety of hues from Red to Black.



Green Jasper has a very soft energy that soothes the subtle bodies allowing Intuitive thought to come forward.  It can balance obsessive tendencies and restore harmony to the emotional body.

Pure Green Jasper is fairly rare and has been prized for centuries to soothe the emotional body, increase fertility and to bring rain.

Green Jasper works well to open the heart and feel the abundance of Divine Love.

Mookaite (Mook Jasper) is a powerful reminder of the ageless spirit.  It also assists in the process of pregnancy, reproduction and regeneration of the body.  Through meditation, Mook Jasper activates deeper aspects of the mind and even genetic memory so that we may heal on a genetic level.

Mook Jasper also aids us in perceiving and understanding emotional and behavioral patterns and helps us maintain a high vibration.

Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper) is a wonderful stone that helps us see the richness in life while connecting and opening to the wisdom of the soul.  It has a nurturing and healing energy.  It’s many colors and swirls are inspiring and many people use this stone in abundance grids.

This particular Jasper works very well with images, writings and symbols (such as Reiki).


K2 (Ketolite)

K2 is Azurite in Himalayan Quartz and is a relatively new discovery found in Pakistan in the foothills of the K2 mountain.  This stone has a nice steady vibration and is great for meditations and tapping in to higher wisdom.  This stone also promotes harmony through connection with Spirit Guides.

K2 also assists in balancing the emotional field and is a great stone to incorporate in healing work.



Black Kyanite is a wonderful healing and grounding stone that can be used in body layouts to repair tears or holes in the auric field.  It can also be used to bring chakras back into balance.  It is both energizing and grounding, which makes this a useful tool for healers.

Kyanite is very high vibration and is able to transmit energy easily.  Great for doing attunements, it is also a very positive stone for meditation. 

Black Kyanite does not hold negative energy and does not technically need to be cleared.  However, clearing is always a good practice.

Blue Kyanite is particularly useful for the 5th and 6th chakras.  It has a very strong and clean frequency and can assist us in speaking clearly and accurately.   It is also a very good stone for meditation and healing work.  

Blue Kyanite can help balance the chakra system and is a great stone to align the subtle bodies which will bolster the auric field.    Blue Kyanite is also a great stone for dream journaling and astral travel.

Green Kyanite has wonderful 4th chakra energy of hope and healing.  It aids us in connecting with the Truth of the Heart.  It is also useful in overcoming victim mentality and fatalistic tendencies..  

Green Kyanite is a powerful ally that aligns the chakras and subtle bodies and opens pathways and meridians within our energy field.



Labradorite is a beautiful, mystical stone.  It awakens higher mental functioning and intuitive abilities and aids us in perceiving through the veils of illusion.  This stone is a beacon of strength while exploring alternate levels of consciousness, including past life recall.

Labradorite creates a force field throughout the aura, protecting us from negative energies.




Malachite is an amplifier of energy.  It also absorbs energy and so must be cleared often.  It burns through the fog of emotional confusion and strengthens our will to take action in the world.  Malachite also carries the energy of enlightened leadership.

This stone assists us in creating form from thoughts and ideas.  This allows one to ground down and bring forth dream, wishes and visions into physical reality.



Green Moonstone is a stone of mystery, self-discovery and intuition.  It has a soft, gentle energy that soothes the emotional field and allows us to access parts of our consciousness that have remained hidden.

This stone can clear the auric field activating the upper chakra and illuminating the entire chakric column of energy.  Green Moonstone evokes patience and appropriate action and encourages us to pay attention to the cycles of our lives.

A stone to help release frustration and also surrender to the natural progression of life.


Black Obsidian is a great protection stone.  It clears negativity in spaces in which it is placed..  Carrying or wearing it keeps negativity out of our physical, emotional and energetic fields.

It is also a great stone to get to the root cause of issues.  It helps us see our negative self-talk and the negative loop of thoughts so we can re-direct and clear out the negativity.

It’s a wonderful stone to repair and protect the auric field.



Green Opal is a rare form of common Opal that does not have the ‘fire’ that expensive fancy and black opal have.  However, the energy that Green Opal has is very welcomed, indeed!

Green Opal is an excellent ally to help us alleviate worry, stress and depression.  This stone is very nurturing and grounding for the emotional body.

Green Opal assists us in connecting to the Heat of Mother Earth and promotes a strong sense of light-heartedness and whole-heartedness.


Quartz is extremely popular in the metaphysical world.  It is considered the “Master Healer” by many due to its clean and clear high vibration.  Indeed, this crystal is the most versatile in the mineral kingdom as it can carry any frequency of energy.   Quartz is programmable on a multitude of levels and embodies the concept of clarity.

Quartz is a great example of a mineral amplifying energies.  It can be used to amplify your intention and even the frequencies and energies of other stones.  Quartz crystals are able to store information and can easily be brought into resonance with our thoughts and feelings.  

According to metaphysical legend, there was an ancient advanced civilization on Earth called Lemuria that was similar to Atlantis, but more spiritually developed.  As their time on Earth came to an end, the Lemurians programmed crystals to provide lessons of healing and oneness once the people of Earth were ready to receive these messages.  

Lemurian Seed crystals are powerful meditation tools that assist us in finding harmony within.  These stones allow us to access expanded states of consciousness where we can access the teachings of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.  This process opens us up to see our Truth and our Soul’s Path.

The bulk of Lemurians that we see on the market today come from one mine in Brazil in the Minas Gerais region, between Corrinto and Diamatina.  With that said, other quartz with the ladder like grooves have been found around the world and carry a similar vibration.  At this point, only the crystals coming from that single mine in Brazil are identified as Lemurians.

Lemurian seed crystals are powerful meditation tools that assist us in finding harmony within.  These stones allow us to access expanded states of consciousness where we can access the teachings of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.  This process opens us up to see our Truth and our Soul’s Path.  Lemurian seed crystals are powerful meditation tools that assist us in finding harmony within. 

These stones allow us to access expanded states of consciousness where we can access the teachings of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.  This process opens us up to see our Truth and our Soul’s Path.

Rose Quartz promotes love, gentleness and emotional healing.  It stimulates and opens the Heart Chakra and creates a sense of peace from within.  it is a great ally for releasing stress by calming the mind.  It is also a wonderful asset in current relationships or in attracting loving relationships.  Meditating with Rose Quartz can help us become receptive to positive vibrations and integrating them into our lives. Rose Quartz also assists in unfolding the bud of the Heart Chakra into a many-petaled Lotus of Light.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones available.  It cleanses and clears the aura and energetic systems.  The frequency of Smoky Quartz is slow and methodical, but very strong.  It helps us receive and utilize high frequency energy and can be used very successfully in healing sessions.

 All forms of Quartz are Piezo electric and will emit an electrical current, along with energies on many other levels and frequencies, when they are stimulated.



Rhodonite is known for their capacity to assist in emotional healing and the release of energy blockages in the area of the Heart Chakra.  It has a strong Heart centered energy, that has a useful healing vibration to help with relationship problems.  Rhodonite can be an aid to bringing peace into difficult relationships with its ability to stimulate acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others.  It has been used as an excellent balancer of the emotional nature, especially during traumatic times, bringing a sense of calmness into the situation.  Carrying it with you may help in keeping you from making a rash decision and taking wrong action when you are feeling angry, fearful or otherwise emotionally unbalanced.  Rhodonite can also assist in bringing forward hidden and  innate talents that you may not have been aware of, and aid in providing a pathway for them to be properly expressed. It has been known to shed light on the next few steps on the path of your destiny.


Ruby in Fuchsite

Ruby in Fuchsite is a beautiful combination of minerals that stimulates the flow of life force while protecting one’s energy field.  This stone promotes enthusiasm for life and stimulates interest and motivation in positive ways.  The frequency of Ruby Fuchsite helps us come back into balance while preventing attachments to the aura.   This is also a great stone for those who are uncomfortable with the unknown.  It’s soothing reassuring energy counters that feeling.


Selenite is the key that unlocks the doorway to the etheric chakras.  It can evoke protection from the angelic realm and also mitigate negative energy.  It activates and opens the 6th and 7th chakras and then up through the etheric chakras.  It actively keeps our energy field clear.  Selenite is a great stone for clearing space also.

Selenite wands are great tools for scanning the subtle and physical bodies for blockages.


Sodalite acts as our guide during inner travel.  It helps us gain access to the subconscious and aids us in integrating all aspects of ourselves in to the Now.  Sodalite is also very helpful for those who seem to be encountering challenges in their life.  It promotes deep reflection upon life and can help us find blocks in our historical feelings that we did not know where there.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a 3rd chakra stone that supports physical vitality and increased energy.  It also helps us maintain balance between extremes.  It carries a strong energy of creativity and guides us to make decisions based upon discernment, not judgement.  Tiger’s eye can help with sexual issues, especially between partners.


Black Tourmaline is a very popular stone for protection, calming and grounding.  It also purifies negative energy and re-directs it into positive energy.  It supports our energy field and calms fragmented and frayed thoughts and emotions.

Black Tourmaline primarily activates and supports our 1st chakra, thus aiding us in being of service.  It has a strong grounding effect that can attune us to the Earth’s electromagnetic field.  This is very important as the Earth is being subjected to strong energy shifts. 


Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz is a wonderful combination of Tourmaline and quartz.  Naturally the properties of Quartz are amplified by the presence of the Tourmaline.  In addition, the combination encourages healing light to surround the body during meditations and healing sessions. 

Black Tourmalinated Quartz strengthens the body’s energy field against external influences, and is a strong spiritual grounding stone.